Disaster Property Tax

Under Section 31.032 of the State Property Tax Code, the following requirements qualify for payment of taxes in four equal installments for the property taxes:

  1. any homestead residence or property used for residential purpose, or
  2. an owned or leased business entity (small business), and
  3. that is in a declared disaster area, and
  4. has sustained damage as a direct result of the disaster.

Owners must notify us in writing that they wish to pay the 2017 property taxes in four equal installments.  The first payment of at least one-fourth of the taxes will be due by January 31, 2018. The following payments will be due on March 31, 2018, May 31, 2018 and July 31, 2018. No penalties and interest will accrue if these payments are made timely.  If payments are delinquent, then statutory penalty and interest will applied to the unpaid amounts.

If your house was damaged, please contact your Appraisal District concerning any reappraisal. It is our offices understanding you will have an option of participating or not participating in this reappraisal process and will have an opportunity to protest the revised value. If you have not heard from the Appraisal District, you should contact them to see the status of the reappraisal of your property.  Please click on the “Links” tab on our website for CAD links.

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To qualify paying your 2017 taxes in 4 equal installments, you must submit a written request, along with a brief description of damages that you incurred from Hurricane Harvey: