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3rd Party Payment Warning: Don’t Use Doxo!

IMPORTANT: ASW, Inc. is not affiliated in anyway with Doxo.com

We want our customers to be aware of a third-party online bill pay system called Doxo. We have been receiving complaints that this company has set up online payment pages, claiming to be for Assessments of the Southwest.

Doxo is not an approved vendor or partner for Assessments of the Southwest. We do not contract with any third-party bill pay systems. The only true, verified way to pay your bill online is through our website.

If you try to pay through Doxo, they will charge you an additional “convenience” fee. You may also end up with late fees because we will have no records of your payment.

Please ensure that, when you make any type of payment online, you are doing it through the company’s official website. Again, the only way to pay your bill online is here: https://aswportal.azurewebsites.net/search/list.

Please only go to the links provided on our website to process online payments. Any questions, please contact ASW.

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